After struggling with frizz my entire life, I went to cosmetology school in 2002 thinking I would learn how to tame my own unruly hair while I learned to beautify others. But, the traditional methods taught to stylists – wet cuts, straighteners, round brushes, and blow dryers – were intended to smooth curly hair not enhance it. Sleek, straight hair was the main definition of beauty shared with Hair Stylists...

Fast forward ten years, and I had a wonderful epiphany while I was trying to help a neighbour with her curly hair. I had started reading a book to help her with her hair, when I read a passage that changed my life and the trajectory of my business.

" Where there's frizz, there's a curl waiting to happen" - Lorraine Massey

Ever since then, I have dedicated myself to learning how to cut, style, and care for hair to enhance natural waves and curls. I was inspired to specialize in curly hair to help bring the same confidence and joy to others, that I felt from my own hair transformation.

I opened a private boutique salon and it’s here where I spend one-on-one time with my clients teaching them how to care for and style their hair. Our first session is no fewer than three hours and includes a dry cut with training and education so you can maintain your style at home with confidence. The skills you leave with will last forever. The experience is truly life changing.

I have also launched training for Hairstylists with in person classes AND online courses.  Have a look here: 

Some fun facts about me:

  • I grew up in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.  I'll always consider myself a Maritimer, even though I live in Ontario now
  • In high school I used to create prom updo’s for friends, doing their hair for school dances or girls nights out. I wanted to go to Cosmetology school ever since high school
  • I love hard core rap / R&B / 90’s music…Snoop dog, Big Pun, Mariah, LL Cool J…all my favourites forever and always
  • I fly by the seat of my pants and build my parachute on the way down. I have learned this is how you have to do things in business, or else you'd never start anything
  • I love the freedom of the open road, music cranked, wind in my hair. I also love the sand between my toes, sun on my face, and drink in my hand and friends who challenge me to be a better version of myself 
  • I am addicted to learning! I love documentaries, and I love me some hot yoga and have a new found passion for  studying plant-based nutrition.  We eat plant based diet at home
  • I am a military wife and a mother of 3! Life is crazy but I love it.


Training and Achievements

I am constantly updating my education in curly hair by attending seminars and trainings all over the United States and Canada.

In 2019/2020 I was one of four Featured Stylists for CURL Magazine. I also served on the Advisory Board and the Stylist Panel. I continue to write articles educating the curly community about styling and maintaining curly hair.

My training and achievements include:

  • DevaCurl Inspired Stylist (Level 1)
  • DevaCurl Advanced Stylist (Level 2)
  • Curly Hair Artistry Training 
  • Head Shape Matters Certified Stylist
  • Licensed Stylist for 18 years
  • Red Seal Certification 
  • Ontario College of Trade Certificate
  • Natural Hair Advocate
  • First place Achievement award for Highest marks in Cosmetology school
  • Named Canada’s Top Curl Specialist by, 2015
  • Nominated for Curly Hair Artistry ‘Artist of the Year’, 2014, 2016
  • My classes are listed on the Cosmetology Association of NB board website as trusted resources for online learning
  • As well as my classes will count towards a Masters license for stylists in the Cosmetology Association of NS, as well as listed on their board website



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