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If you want to improve your naturally textured hair, you've landed in the right place. I've developed many different ways for you to work with me online and in person.

Scroll through the page to view all your options. You can:

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Online Courses

I want to reach women and girls outside of my local area. To make this a reality, I developed online courses that offer detailed video lessons and ongoing support through a private Facebook group.

I’m able to demonstrate on video the same techniques I share with in-person clients.

Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist's

Wave & Curl Styling Foundations™

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Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist's Guide To Your Best Waves™


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Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist's Guide To Your Best Curls™

Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist's Guide to Your Best Coils™

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Private Boutique Salon Experience

I invite you to click on the option that fits you, to learn more about booking an appointment with me. Each link below will have all the details you need.  

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Online Coaching 


Virtual Curl Coaching sessions are now available for wavy, curly, coily persons worldwide! Topics covered are totally led by you. My superpower is troubleshooting your routine and products. Let me help you reach your full curl potential.

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Maya Anette

"I had a virtual consultation with Krista about a week ago, and am still in awe over how helpful it was. Not only did Krista recommend products and techniques with an almost magical ease, but also navigate the complex emotions associated with figuring out my hair. I have challenging hair that does not respond well to things I've always been told to try, and Krista is the first person (including a myriad of in-person curl specialists who have cut my hair!) to acknowledge that I may need different things. I immediately felt so trusting of her and her guidance. I think that my consultation with Krista is one of the best things I've done for my hair as well as for my relationship with my hair. I'm so excited to try out her product recommendations once they arrive!"

Darling Garcia

"I am really glad I booked a session with Krista because she pointed me in the right direction. I have done a lot of research for my hair but was not seeing any improvement. After talking to Krista I feel confident that I'll start to see results. She gave me great recommendations which will help me reduce the time I spend experimenting with products and saving money on products because now I know exactly what to use. Krista is very friendly and she puts you at ease right away. She will not judge you for your hair mistakes. She will make you feel like you have been seeing for years. I am extremely satisfied with my consulting session."

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Curly Hair Goodies™ Online Store

"I just received hair product in the mail and am SO impressed! I had a brief conversation with Krista before ordering to make sure I had the right products. Detailed, clear instructions were included along with some additional handwritten notes. I never thought I'd say this about hair product - but this is a game changer. I've always used a pick to comb through my hair and laughed at the idea of being able to finger comb, but I was able to today after following instructions from her blog and the included information. I'm so happy with my curly hair today" 

- Janet Higginson Cutler


You can shop all kinds of primarily Canadian based product brands, all sulfate and silicone free and completely curly girl method friendly! I also carry tons of accessories to help you in your day to day styling.

 by Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist

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